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| October 5, 2011 | 2 Comments
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Miss Lillie Chocolate Labrador - http://retrieverlife.com

Miss Lillie posing with her new Washington County Sheriff

Joanne Huntley has much to be proud of with her Labrador, Miss Lillie. Several of us have followed her career and we are very happy for her and proud of all the work that the two have done together over the years. Miss Lillie is a highly accomplished Labrador in all areas of her life. Her “titled name” is Intl. Nat/American/UKC CH, URO3, UCD, UAG1, Sterling’s Gorgeous Hussy CGC, CD, RE, JH, WC, FDCH-S (TDI, Delta Cert.), Canine Crisis Response, HOPE (Animal Crisis Response), NAP, NAJP. Wow, that is a mouthful! Joanne and Miss Lillie have been very busy indeed.

Miss Lillie, at the age of nine, is making a career change. She is giving up the hard work of performance events except for the slower event of Rally. She still will be doing her therapy work at the VA Hospital in Portland, OR, visiting residents in nursing homes and mall walkers in the greater Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro area and working in the “read to the dog” program at the library.

Miss Lillie is now a volunteer police dog with the Washington County Sheriff Office. With five other dogs she is in a pilot project visiting the County jail where she spends time (along with Joanne) visiting inmates who are not allowed to touch each other, the guards, or their visitors. The dogs are the only physical touching allowed the inmates. As with any new program, Joanne wasn’t sure how Miss Lillie would be received by the inmates. Would they worry that she was there to sniff for drugs? The ice was broken partway through one of the first visits. Joanne asked Lillie to sit up and say “Hi”. There she sat with paws raised as high above her head as she could get them. One of the inmates responded “Hey, look! Miss Lillie knows how to put her hands up”.  She became an instant hit. Inmates that have been there for any of Lillie’s visits ask for her by name when she comes back. Inmates love this “hold me”,”‘squeeze me”, “love me” dog.

Keep up the great work, Miss Lillie and Joanne. You make a lot of people have a brighter day!

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  1. Pam Gunderson says:

    Thanks for printing Lillie’s Brag. Can I call this my first published article? I hope so. Joanne has a new black lab (Breezy) that is following in Lillie’s footprints.
    Any readers in the FIfe Wa. area can drop into Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center (a community center for dogs & their people) and visit me in Total K-9. Check out the 15 foot endless swim spa. Way cool!

    • Toni says:

      Indeed you can call this your first published article! If you have any other great stories we can work on getting those published as well! Thanks so much for helping out.


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