All The Leaves Are Brown

| October 3, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Toni And Sugar Kane -

Me and Sugar Kane finishing her Championship at the Sierra Vista shows!

Editor In Chief - Toni Leitão

Editor - Toni Leitão

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From the Editor

The classic 60’s song California Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas always makes me think of fall and here in the Pacific Northwest that usually means the beginning of the rainy days and longer nights. Don’t get me wrong, I have lived here long enough to welcome the rain. There is something special about taking a walk with our dogs on a rainy day. Labradors as a rule love to get wet and never pass up a chance to play in a mud puddle. So, as summer wains and fall takes hold, Retriever Life releases its fourth issue.

For me and my family it has been an eventful summer indeed. Getting out and doing things with your retriever is exactly what Retriever Life is all about. Retriever Life is after all, “more than a game of fetch!”. For me, this summer was focused on competing in Labrador specialties, photographing hunt tests, and raising a couple of rambunctious puppies. Specialty shows are, well special, in every way. It is an opportunity to hang out with all of my friends in the Labrador community and hopefully bring home some ribbons (which we were fortunate to do this summer!).

Hunt tests are probably my favorite event to attend. To see so many retrievers doing what they were bred to do is “out-of-this-world” fun. I highly recommend that every retriever lover attend one of these events. You will not be sorry. I had the privilege of being able to photograph from the “live flyer” blind which made for some really nice pictures (check them out in the Gallery).

As always, my travels around the retriever world gave me the opportunity to meet some great people with excellent stories about their Retriever Lives. I ran into Janet Peters at the Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club’s specialty and she taught me all about the Master National Retriever Club and the history of Hunt Tests. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to the Labrador Life Line, a charitable organization that helps out sick or injured Labrador Retrievers when their owners cannot afford medical attention. I met Mayor Burley Lyons and Labrador Tide in a sleepy beach resort in South Carolina. And I met lots of Chesapeake Bay retrievers at the first ever Evergreen Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club’s Regional Specialty. Check out the pictures!

So, it was a fun summer for me and my dogs. I could say that they are part of my life but my wife, Lorraine, will say they are our lives. If that makes us crazy dog people, so be it! All I can say is that the Retriever Life sure is fun!



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I am one of the founders and editor of Retriever Life. My passion is Labradors of all sizes and shapes but I am a big fan of all the retriever breeds.

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  1. That pic looks familiar, who took that awesome photo??

  2. Christine says:

    ANOTHER Shawna Lawson great photo – where is the one of Shawna going WB….both days???? What a great show that was…SVLRC inside and A/C!

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