Anal Sacs – Excuse the Expression

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Anal sac expression - let's leave this to the professionals.

Anal sac expression – let’s leave this to the professionals.

If anyone has been around after anal sacs have been expressed, you will know what I’m talking about.  The odor is pungent and fishy and, for some reason, tends to cling to you. So what are anal sacs and why would you want to express them?

Anal sacs are glands that are located on either side of the anus. I spared you the imagery as I think you get the idea. Ultimately, if there are issues, I recommend seeking professional help.  So why do dogs have anal sacs? They basically have two functions:

• To produce very strong and pungent scent which is thought to be for scent marking (aka, marking territory)

• To help the body eliminate toxins and substances that are not needed

For most dogs, walking around and normal pooping empty the sacs but some dogs become unable to empty the sacs on their own and that becomes very uncomfortable. Dogs that have impacted anal sacs typically scoot their rear on the ground to try to relieve and empty the glands. Some dogs may hold their tails down, lick their tail, or show some reluctance to walking.

Research shows that about 12% of dogs are affected by issues with their anal sacs; this can include inflammation, dysfunction, abscess (rupture), or tumors. It is thought that diet (in particular, obesity) or general body toxin build up (liver imbalance) may increase occurrences of issues.

If you suspect that your dogs has anal sac issues, please take him to a veterinary professional. The vet may find that the anal sacs are impacted and need to be emptied then take care of expressing them for you.

The dog may be fine after one expression. It is not recommended to have the anal sacs expressed on a regular basis but only as needed.

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