The Barn Dog

| May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Indy hanging out at Emerald Glen Stables.

Indy hanging out at Emerald Glen Stables.


Don Juanito and Kaya hangout in stalls at Galway Downs.

Don Juanito and Kaya hangout in stalls at Galway Downs.

For anyone in the equestrian world, barn dogs are part of the family whether they are yours to take home or not. I do not think there is a single person at my barn who does not have a dog and most of them are retrievers. I am really lucky that I am able to bring my dogs to my barn, Emerald Glen Stables, because the property is full of fun terrain for both dogs and the horses.

There is no barn without barn dogs. The lovable, sociable, scruffy, horse-friendly, and  weathered companions are never too far from their charges, horses and human alike. They keep a watchful eye on the horses and people whether they are sitting on the tractor, in your truck, waiting patiently at horse shows, or trotting along beside you during course walks. Each with their own unique personality and quarks, these intuitive canine companions enrich our lives through so many measures. Whether it is warming our laps on the cold days of winter, humorously sprawling in the shade on hot summer days at shows, or sitting quietly beside you after a tough round. They may even be that buddy who stays up with you all night while you walk your colicing horse. Where there is a need, they will find a way to fulfill it. Though they do not always fulfill their original purposes such as rodent killing, herding, and guarding, some do occasionally catch a rodent or two or nip at the heels of a horse acting up.

Horses and dogs seem to just go hand in hand. Our dogs teach us patience, trust, and consistency, all of which are necessary to be a good rider. Our canine companions give us one more avenue to illustrate our horsemanship and showmanship in the care we take of them. We equestrians will sacrifice our own appetites, sleep, and social lives for our canine and equine companions alike. Coming from an equestrian background, it was important for me to celebrate our most loyal companions, our barn dogs. Because as barns, trainers, clients, and horses come and go, you will always have your dog.

Barn dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds while popularity often fluctuates between hunting, herding, retrieving, and lap dogs. But one thing that you can always count on is that you will always find retrievers among those loyal furry barn companions.

Indy, Moose, and Persia momentarily pose for a picture before running through the pastures.

Indy (Black Labrador Retriever), Moose (Labrador German Short Haired Pointer mix) , and Persia (Anatolian Shepard) momentarily pose for a picture before running through the pastures.

Do you have a barn dog you know and love? Tell us about them!


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