Confessions Of A Labrador Dad

| September 23, 2011 | 2 Comments
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Ok, you have heard of soccer moms and stay at home dads but have you ever heard about a Labrador dad? I am one of them. We do everything for our Labbies. Whether it is packing our RV up (which we bought for our dogs) and heading off to a dog show or going to the various training sessions that we do with our dogs for conformation, obedience, hunting, tracking, etc. Our dogs have schedules that rival the modern schoolkid these days.

Just the other day I took a break from writing for this magazine and packed up a couple of our young pups – Diamond and Flash to get some bird training before this weekend’s Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association’s Working Certificate event. Now I admit that I am not trying to make these pups Master Hunters but I do want to make sure that they can be true to the Labrador breed and retrieve birds on both land and water. The Working Certificate will lay a good foundation for taking these dogs onto higher levels in the Hunt Test game.

One of the coolest things to see is a young retriever chasing its first bird around. The prey drive rises up and then the pup picks up the bird with it soft mouth and returns its prize unharmed to the trainer. It is a beautiful thing. On this day I went to Carlson’s Canine Country Club and trained with Paul Gilmore.

Paul worked with Diamond first. She seems a bit timid at first, but once the bird starts running Diamond is in hot pursuit! After a couple of tries chasing the bird down, and with some encouragement from Paul, Diamond retrieves the Chukar back to me and a retriever is born! After a couple more retrieves Diamond gets put back in the van and we bring out Flash.

Flash took to this game like a tiger on the hunt! He shot out after the Chukar and chased it all over the field. By his second chase he was retrieving the Chukar like he had been doing it all of his life. Paul, me, and the pups headed over to the water and both pups performed admirably by making aggressive water entries followed by nice retrieves.

So ended our first training session. We are headed to the WC this weekend which starts with a morning training session followed by an afternoon test. I am hoping we can pull it off but I wish we had more time to train. I am approaching this WC with an open mind and, for my puppies, just one more chance to train on birds. In the end I know we will have fun and hopefully some success.

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    Love this article, and just wanted to congrat you on a fantastic job with your “kids” today!

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