Dogology: What Your Relations With Your Dog Reveals About You

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About The Authors

Dogology: What Your Relations With Your Dog Reveals About You was written by two very talented authors Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson.

Vicki Constantine Croke has dedicated over two decades to telling the stories of pets and wild life alike. She has received high praise from the New York Times, The Economist, and Nature. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, Popular Science, The Oprah magazine, Gourmet, Discover Magazine, and National Magazine among many others. Croke has also produced NECN-TV’s “The Secret Life of Animals” as well as she was also the “Animal Beat” columnist for The Boston Globe for 13 years.
Sarah Wilson takes a refreshing approach to dog training through her methods of creating and developing a bond between dog lovers and their canine companions. She is an international advocate for dog training via the positive reinforcement through a human and animal bond. Wilson has been honored with the Dr. Steve Kritsick Memorial Award from the New York Veterinary Medical Society and the Dr. A. Wayne Mountain Memorial Media Award from the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, as well as she and Kilcommons, a previous partner of hers, have been nominated multiple times for the Human Society of the United States Genesis Award for articles published in Parade Magazine.

Who doesn’t like taking quizzes, especially when they reveal something about yourself?! If so, this is the book for you. I typically enjoy things like this and am always game to figure out more about myself and then ready to argue my case if I don’t agree with the analysis but in this case, I think I was pretty spot on.

The premise of the book shares that we relate to other humans in a fairly uniform manner determining who is strong, weak, patient, confident, quiet, etc. Many folks could spend hours and hours in psychoanalysis trying to figure how these attributes apply to them or they could just spend time with a dog. Our interactions and relationships with dogs are much simpler than those with humans thus we are less self-conscious and ultimately more honest to ourselves. We can learn a lot about ourselves by how we connect with dogs. Croke and Wilson provide several examples of instances of a man making his dog heel any time he gets more than 3 feet away, another is a woman in the rain chucking the ball for her dog for hours, and a lawyer that shrugs and smiles when his dog digs in a mud puddle. Each of these instances illustrates a personal characteristic of the individual through interacting with their dog. Such as, the man continually reheeling his dog always feels a need to be in control, the woman is responsible in that she is taking care of her dogs needs despite an inconvenience to herself, and finally the lawyer has a laid back personality. If anything this book seeks to help you discover attributes of yourself that perhaps you have not thought about before and how to utilize them. Dogology attempts to provide a roadmap to your heart, your dog, your friends, and anyone at the end of the leash. Croke and Wilson have broken down the personality profiles into 3 zones: Feelers, Thinkers, and Do-ers with three types in each. Which one do you think you are?


  • ANGEL – nurturing, focused on her dogs’ needs
  • SOUL MATE – warm, deep-feeling, and into the connection with her dog
  • FREE SPIRIT – open-minded and looking for a boundary-free and stress-free relationship with her dog


  • IDEALIST – sets high standards for herself and her dog
  • EXPERT – earnest and into knowing all she can about her dog
  • OBSEVER – analytical and fascinated by her dog’s behavior


  • DYNAMO – energetic and reliable about the dog’s schedule
  • MASTER – disciplined and eager to forge a bond with her dog through work they both love
  • BUDDY – wired for fun and into sharing adventure with her dog

The first quiz you’ll take in the book is to determine which of the 3 zones you’re in, the next will tell you which type you are. After you’ve figured that out, you turn to pages that describe that type to find out favorite names, tips for training, breeds you are drawn to, breeds you should avoid, character-building exercises and much more! You’d be amazed at how accurate the descriptions are! Following the personality quizzes, there are several sections that will help you find a dog, a mate, and yourself. It shares which dogs you are attracted to and why, if you were a breed, which one you would be, and which breed’s characteristics we seek in a significant other. To give you a peek into the retriever … you are family-focused, fun-loving, easygoing, and social. If your partner is like a retriever, they need to go out into the world and be with people, social situations are energizing, etc. This book is an intriguing read in both it’s content and activities. Have fun determining what you and your friends’ personality styles are!

Read this book already? Let us know what you thought of it!

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