A Cyclone Of Fur – The Dyson DC25 Animal

| February 1, 2011 | 4 Comments
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Dyson DC25 Animal

Dyson DC25 Animal

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Anybody that owns a retriever knows about dog hair! For us and our Labradors it is a nearly constant challenge. A high quality vacuum cleaner is a requirement for keeping up with our dogs’ shedding. We have used a lot of different vacuum cleaners over the years and none have lived up to their promise like the Dyson© DC25 Animal.

The Dyson© DC25 Animal is the second Dyson© Animal we have owned. Our first Animal lasted 10 years and I have it on good authority that the “cyclone” piece just needs a good cleaning to bring its suction level back to good as new. All I need to do is make the time to do it.

The new version of the Animal uses the Dyson© Ball™ technology which makes the vacuum much more maneuverable in tight spaces and the lower profile brush bar gives it the ability to get under the couch or other tight spaces to pick up unwanted dog hair without having to use the hose or other tools. The Dyson© DC25 Animal is about 4 pounds less than its bigger brother – the Dyson© DC28 Animal. I have found that it really makes the job of house cleaning and easier because of its innovative design.

One of the very cool features that we use a lot is the mini-turbine head. It is awesome for cleaning up the dog hair your retriever left all over your nice white couch! It is also great for stairs, cleaning out the inside of cars, etc. This is my favorite Dyson© attachment and the key reason we purchased the DC25 Animal.
All Dyson© vacuum cleaners are bagless and use Root Cyclone™ technology to maintain a high rate of suction over the life of the vacuum. This reliability is why we came back to Dyson© when we started looking for a new vacuum. There was not even a second thought coming to the Dyson© decision!

My only complaint is the length of the power cord on this model. The cord on our last Dyson© was twice as long which allowed you to vacuum more area before unplugging and replugging.
Bottom line is the Dyson© DC25 Animal is a great vacuum cleaner for any retriever owner. It has great features like bagless technology and a lifetime washable HEPA filter. All of this does come at a price. The Dyson© DC25 Animal is not cheap but it is worth every penny at our house!

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  1. Cecilie says:

    Personally, I have an Oreck, and love it’s lightweight design. it has plenty of power for daily fur pickup. I looked at the Dyson’s, but they are too heavy for me, esp. as I have a two story home. the Oreck comes with a hand held model also, for furniture/stairs, etc.

  2. Toni says:

    Do you want to write a product review of the Oreck?

  3. Margie says:

    I got my Dyson online before they were even selling them in the local stores so I’ve had it for a long time. Nothing beats it for picking up dog hair! I’ve owned a Kirby, Rainbow, Phantom, Kenmore and a Hoover in my 34 years of marriage, but my Dyson has out lasted and beat them all at picking up dog hair. I highly recommend them.

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