The Education of the Honor Litter

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
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The Honor Litter

The Honor Litter

Have you, like me, ever wondered what exactly goes into raising and training service dogs?  Bonnie Grower has taken on the enviable project of documenting (in words and super cute photographs) the education and upbringing of the “Honor Litter” –  a group of nine Labrador Retriever puppies that will be trained by veterans to serve Wounded Warriors through the Warrior Canine Connection.

The Warrior Canine Connection is a fantastic organization that provides specially trained service dogs to veterans with disabilities.  One of the things that makes these dogs so special is that they are trained by veterans for veterans.  One of the important lessons trainers will teach the dogs is that they can feel secure in the world.  Trainers, who themselves may suffer from PTSD, can also benefit from the positive reinforcement and  training they give their dogs.

The Warrior Canine Connection trains Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever puppies that have been specially bred for their good health, calm nature and friendly personalities.  They are each nurtured, trained and socialized from birth to ensure success in their future roles.  The WCC has very specific criteria that, when met, will guarantee that the dog will be an excellent companion for a Wounded Warrior.

Each puppy in the Honor Litter has been named for a soldier who has been wounded or killed in action.  In her blog, Bonnie introduces us to each puppy and details a touching biography of each soldier.

I found Bonnie’s posts to be both poignant and engaging.  I know that I’ll be checking back frequently to get updates on this great litter of pups. If you’d like to read about Bonnie’s journey with these pups from the beginning, scroll down to her first post at the bottom then work your way up.

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