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Today I want to introduce you to a great product made by EzyDog. This company seeks to produce products that provide both comfort and control, which are two things that every dog owner will appreciate. This goal of providing comfort and control does not get in the way of style either. EzyDog also prides themselves on their products durability. I sought to put these claims to the test!

The EZYDog Summit Backpack contours nicely with the shape of dog’s barrel, is lightweight as well as easily adjustable. This is helpful because both of my dogs are completely different shapes even though they are the same breed. There are a wide variety of pockets that clip, zip, and Velcro together. I actually really liked the variety of pockets because I had secure places to put my phone, wallet, keys, dog and human snacks, collapsible water bowl, water bottle, and the all important doggy first aid kit. You can fit a lot of stuff into the backpack without it looking ridiculous! EzyDog is also known for their “award- winning” EVA chest support harness that shapes to the dog, which is incorporated into the backpack and is made up of a light weight yet sturdy breathable material. It is also noteworthy to mention that the EZYDog Summit Backpack, aside from it’s many pockets and well thought out harness, is also equipped with a carry handle, rust proof D-ring leash attachment, H2O tight compartments, reflective piping, and a leash caddie.

Our EZYDog Summit Backpack also came with a shock absorbing Zero Shock Leash, which I am a big fan of. The leash is lightweight, without compromising on durability. It has a handle at the top of leash, as is standard, but also has a handhold at the base by the collar for the occasions where you may require more control. The EZYDog Zero Shock Leash’s design has a shock absorbing elastic band, which works very well in lessening the pressure of a dog pulling on the other end of the leash. Again, I’m a big fan of this product.

Sugar Kane, CH Misty Mountain Some Like it Hot, was my guinea pig for testing out the EZDog Summit Backpack and it fit her well. She does have a broad chest so I worried that the chest piece may rub a bit on her. I took her on a short hike to test out how the pack sat on her and to see if it shifted around as she moved. I also took this opportunity to test out the harness feature of the pack and the Zero Shock leash. Overall I was very happy with the pack. It carried a lot of stuff and it didn’t rub her hair off or in the wrong direction. It also did not inhibit her movement, allowing for her to maintain a comfortable and unhindered stride no matter the incline or decline of the terrain. It also sat on the upper half of her back and her shoulders, much like a saddle would fit on a horse. Coming from an extensive equine background I know how important it is to have a saddle that fits your horse right, a lot of harm and damage can be wrought by ill fitting tack, so I paid special attention to how it moved and fit to Sugar’s body. The only complaint I had about the pack was that I wished there was another strap to fasten the back half of the pack to Sugar’s lower torso. The main stomach strap anchors the pack right behind the dog’s elbows, like any normal dog harness does. This is totally fine, but with the extra weight of the items in the pack and Sugar’s movement while hiking the pack did occasionally shift to one side of her. I felt that with an additional strap the pack would not slide.

Overall, I was pleased with the product. I felt that EzyDog has invented a clever, stylish, and durable backpack. I personally really like to hike and I look forward to taking Sugar on hikes with me fashioned with her EzyDog Summit Backpack!

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