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| September 24, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Brody. Photo by @ozziethedoodle

Meet Brody the Golden Retriever, this months Follower Of The Month. His story is not a conventional one but I feel it is important to share every story and that everyone have a chance to be heard. Thank you @ozziethedoodle for sharing this story.

This is Brody. He was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. Brody was throwing up so we took him to the vet and we discovered that he had liver cancer. We got the results back and we learned that Brody’s cancer had spread and that it could not be treated and chemo was not an option. The doctors said Brody had only about a week to live and he’s pulled through for about a month but he just keeps on fighting no matter the obstacles in his way. He also goes to children’s hospital as a therapy dog and a lot of the kids there will relate to him because he has cancer and so do they. Brody keeps on giving them hope! Brody is at the end of his days and we all knew it was coming but we wanted to share Brody’s amazing story. #prayersforbrody @ozziethedoodle

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