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| April 1, 2011 | 3 Comments
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From Christine to the Editor:
Why is my password so crazy?  Can I change it?

The password is automatically generated by the system and requires you to validate it to help us keep out the spammers.  We just added a feature so that you can change your password as well as other parts of your profile.  Click “Member Links” in the top right hand corner of the website and you can access your profile under”Edit Your Profile”.

This was great feedback and we changed the site as a result.  Keep it coming!


From Vicki to the Editor:
Great articles, and idea to do a magazine on line. I love it. I am going to forward to a Duck Toller breeder I know. Can we buy spots for advertising?

Yes, Vicki, we are planning on rolling out advertising for your dogs, your products, our your organization. Stay tuned this is coming very soon!!!

From Lisa to the Editor:
Great idea and magazine. Love it! Keep up the great work!!

Thanks, Lisa! This is a work of love for sure. I hope we can live up to high bar we have set for ourselves!

From Margie RE: Fire And Ice
Lou, This [article] brings back great memories of our lab, Michael, who passed away 18 months ago of old age and we miss him dearly. Labs are such loving and devoted companions. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ,Margie. It’s never easy losing a good dog, sorry about your loss. The memories I have from my days afield are some of my most cherished and I look back on them often.
From Val RE: Ask Dr. Zeus
Love Dr. Zeus’s comments.

Thanks, Val! Dr. Zeus is very near and dear to our hearts and he is forever providing us new insights into ourselves and our dogs. Hopefully he will bring some of that wisdom to our readers!
From Sonja RE: The Need For Speed!
“The Art Of Racing In The Rain” is a great book. We are reading it in our high school.

That is really cool, Sonja! I love this book and I am glad that you and your class get to experience it as well. Please feel free to have your classmates comment on our site once you have finished it so our readers know what you think.

From Cecilie RE: A Cyclone Of Fur
Personally, I have an Oreck, and love it’s lightweight design. it has plenty of power for daily fur pickup. I looked at the Dyson’s, but they are too heavy for me, esp. as I have a two story home. the Oreck comes with a hand held model also, for furniture/stairs, etc.

That is also a great vacuum cleaner. Maybe you can write a review for us?

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  1. Lou says:

    still having problems with my password. tried to change it in member profile, but it wouldn’t take?

  2. Lou says:

    I was having problems with my password and sent a question into the editor about it, and wow! Great response directly from the editor, and my problem is now a problem no more. Thanks Toni, RL rocks!

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