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| June 29, 2014 | 0 Comments
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Welcome to the newest section of Retriever Life, the monthly Featured Follower! This an exciting new segment where we get to celebrate you and your retrievers. If you would like to share your retriever, email their story and a picture to our editor Misha at!

Meet Jake! @therescuedlife

Meet Jake! @therescuedlife

This is Jake. He is a pure bred, red golden retriever and believe it or not he is actually a rescue dog!

He was dumped in the middle of the desert when he was only a small puppy! He was rescued by a woman who lived around the area. She took great care of him and her many other desert-dumped dogs. Unfortunately she got into a terrible life-changing accident and could no longer care for so many dogs. A lady named Julie Joseph, who does rescues and transports for hoarders or people that are unable to care for their dogs, came to aid the woman and took a few dogs including Jake! She works very closely with the spay and neuter clinic I work at and she knew my family was looking for a bigger dog. We decided to foster Jake and, within hours of meeting him, we knew we found the perfect dog for us! He has been with us for about two and a half years now and life is so great with him around! What I’d love to share with the world is that you can find the perfect dog anywhere, you don’t have to go to a breeder or pet store when there are millions of amazing dogs being euthanized! 35% of the shelter dogs around the world are pure bred and people tend to overlook shelters altogether thinking they need a “superior blood-line” when really the only reason you should be getting a dog is to love it and make it a part of your family, not to brag about how much you paid for it and brag that your dog is better than all other dogs!

Shelter dogs need love too, and we need to stop ignoring them and spread the word that shelter dogs are just as good as any breeder or store bought dog I’ve ever met! They have a story to tell and we need to tell their stories. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever trade my rescue dogs and cats in for anything. As owners we need to realize that dogs are dogs… no breed, no blood-line, no amount of money you spend on it, will change the fact that they are all dogs. They all love you unconditionally, they all act like goofballs on occasion, they all have accidents, they all have flaws, and they are all perfect in their owners eyes. I’m proud to do what I do and be a rescue mom of seven dogs and an army of cats!

@therescuedlife – Nicholette Fortuna

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