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He guided the band via a number of charting singles « Retriever Life Forum
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  2. jessica smith,

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Wellington Leader (Newspaper) January 18,, 1996,Cheap Replica Uggs UK, Wellington,, Texas 10 The Wellington January Wellington High School Honor Roll Wellington High School released the names of the following students who have been named to the honor rolls for the third six weeks of the 199596 school Named on the All A honor roll were Seniors Brad Robin Keli Killian and Micha Seniors on the AB honor roll are Jeff Benito Amy Toby Rusty Heather Kelley Becki Stormy John Ulrey and Amanda Christy a was named to the all A honor Juniors on the AB honor roll are Leslie Jay Sandie Tracey Amber Tara Chad Michele Rickey Cami Jon Nicholas Misti Watts and Leslee Sophomores on the A honor roll are Brad Collins Molly Allison Jeri Riddle and Jeremy Sophomores on the AB honor roll are Nikki Ryan Monique Brien Veronica Lexi Jamie Carrie Carrie Mical Comora Levi Lana Christy Jacob Roxanne Toby Holly Consuelo Albert Brandon Ward and Woody Jessica Kristen Spillman and Tiffany are listed on the all A honor Freshmen on the AB honor roll are Elvira Jessica Kyle Henry Gene David Sorenson and Jacinto First semester honor roll for Wellington High School students lists Seniors on the all A honor roll Brad Robin Heather Holton and Keli Seniors on the AB honor roll Chris Jeff Benito Amy Toby Rusty Kevin Bret Kelley Becki Renee Micha Stormy Throne and Amanda Amber a was listed on the all A semester honor Juniors on the AB honor roll Leslie Jay Sandie Tracey Tara Paula Christy Kevin Cami Jon Nicholas Misti Watts and Leslee Sophomores on the all honor roll for the semester Brad Carrie Molly Jeremy Sain and Albert Sophomores on the AB semester honor roll Nikki Jamie Ryan Monique Veronica Lexi Brian Comora Levi Allison Lana Jacob Mark Jeri Toby Holly Consuelo Elizabeth Brandon Wheeler and Woody Kristen Spillman and Tiffany were named to the all A semester honor Freshmen on the AB honor roll are Barbara Misty Tori Jessica Elvira Laci Jessica Kyle Jose David Sorenson and Courtney Local students on honor lists Two hundred twentyeight West Texas University students were named to the Presidents List and 769 students earned mention on the Deans List for the 1995 fall Students earning Presidents List recognition achieved a semester point average of of a possible or better with a minimum class load of 12 undergraduate Students on the Deans List achieved of at least with a minimum of 12 undergraduate Phyllis a senior from Wellington is listed on the Presidents She is majoring in mathematics Those on the Deans List from Wellington are Shannon a majoring in Kinesiology PE Marnie a freshman art major and a with a major in MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES RENTALS SALES chairs Chairs Rails Bars Canes Heat Pads Pressure Kits Pans Breathing Machines Hose PARSONS REXALL DRUG Hours 9 to 6 tol 817 West Avenue West Side Square 4475515 Texas Bridal Select and Sonia Valencia Therefore if any man be in he is a new creature old things are passed away all things are become new 11 Corinthians Wellington Elementary honor rolls Elementary School honor rolls have been released for the third six weeks and the first Third six weeks First grade all A honor roll Kaila Tate Bo Logan Jeffrey Crystal Addy Robert Heather Marci Tamra Daniel Daniel Tucker Kimberly Montana Brittany Heather Joshua Heather John Wolf and Walton AB honor roll Ryan Sonny Frank Whitney Austin Byron Mary Nathan Janie Jordan Ryan Second grade A honor roll Timothy Keri Holland Nikki Denise Shari Chelsea Payton Jacob Mark Joey Troy Gradon Schaub and Eric Second grade AB honor roll Jackson Isaac Edward Megan Brandi Jose Abelardo Molly Courtney Alma Savannah Amanda Torrez and Charle Third grade A honor roll Taylor Mario Alyssa Gary Tabatha Kimberly Lauren Trini Scott Jory Colby Taylor and Clint Third grade AB honor roll Joseph Eric Wesley Cristy Magan Manuela Justin Ricky Kacy Tahni Kayla Mote and Alfie Fourth grade A honor roll Micheal Courtney Codi Christopher Lucas Andrea Paige Ashley Tarver arid Maricela Fourth grade AB honor roll Lawrence Sheena Morgan Dalia Alisa Kendal Sarah Ashley Kathryne Landon Sade Thomas and Traci West Fifth grade A honor roll Cory Carmen Tyler Shanna Zachary Kenney Taber Matthew Lucinda Mary Pina and Kristen Fifth grade AB honor roll Titania Randy Misty Angelica Clarence Lacie Tiffany John Kalen Kelli Amber Jodi John Ryan Eric Becky Kevin Thomas and James First Semester honor rolls First grade A semester honor roll Kaila Tate Bo Ryan Logan Jeffery Crystal Addy Robert Austin Marci Tamra Daniel Jordan Tucker Kimberly Montana Brittany Heather Joshua Ryan John Wolf and Walton First grade AB semester honor roll Farren Sonny Frank Whitney Heather Byron Joshua Mary Bradley Nathan Outley and Janie Second grade A semester honor roll Timothy Keri Holland Nikki Denise Shari Chelsea Payton Mark Joey Troy Gradon Schaub and Eric Second grade AB semester honor roll Jackson Brandi Jose Kimberly Jacob Abelardo Molly Courtney Alma Savannah Thomas and Amanda Third grade A semester honor roll Taylor Gary Kacy Tabatha Tahni Lauren Trini Scott Jory Colby Taylor and Third grade AB semester honor roll Joseph Eric Mario Wesley Magan Amos Stephanie Justin Ricky Abram Laureles and Kayla Fourth grade A semester honor roll Lawrence Courtney Codi Morgan Lucas Meagan Andrea Paige Ashley Maricela Vela and Traci West Fourth grade AB semester honor roll Micheal Cara Christopher Dalia Alisa Kendal Sarah Ashley Kathryne Landon Tarver and Sade Fifth grade A semester honor roll Cory Carmen Tyler Shanna Zachary Kenney Taber Matthew Lucinda Peters and Kristen Fifth grade AB semester honor roll Randy Angelica Lacie Tiffany John Kalen Kelli Amber Ryan Mary Eric Becky Kevin Thomas and James Procrastination is the art of keeping up with Wellington Junior High Honor Roll Students in the Junior High school listed on the 11 A and AB honor rolls are All Sixth grade Germaine Cole Shayla Jade Moody and MeKenna AB honor Sixth graders Rachel Joshua Angelica Jeremy Colby James Jacen Beatriz Mikki Noe Alicia Ward and Lauren Todd Collins and Nikki seventh are on the all A honor Seventh graders on the AB honor roll are Kendra Cassie Jeffery Randi Tanner Stephen Erin Timothy Michael Daniel Arnold Vasquez and Tasa Christopher eighth is listed on the A honor Eighth graders on the AB honor roll are Erica Stormie Jessica Brandon Kevin Vancy Kendra Kapra Ryan Isabelle Erica Jason Erin White and Alison Semester honor rolls Sixth graders on the semester A are Germaine Cole Shayla Jacen Mikki Sain and MeKenna AB sixth graders Rachel Blackledge Joshua Angelica Jeremy lames Beatriz Jade Bridget Noe Alicia White and Lauren Seventh graders on the A honor roll Todd and Nikki Seventh graders on AB honor roll are Kendra Cassie Canessa Jeffrey Jessica Randi Deidre Tanner Erin Timothy Scotty Daniel Arnold Vasquez and Tasa Kevin Keys and Chris eighth were named to the semester A honor Those in the eight graders named to the first semester AB honor roll were Erica Stormie Jessica Jose Brandon Kapra Ryan 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  5. the r group played at washingtons apollo theater,Cheap Ugg Boots

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