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| January 1, 2012 | 1 Comment
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Setting Up For A Double Mark With Zeus

Setting Up For A Double Mark With Zeus

Editor In Chief - Toni Leitão

Editor – Toni Leitão

Well a new year is ushered in and here in soggy Seattle, we have lived up to all of those rumors about rain! It started with a little drizzle in October and moved on to a full-on downpour by November. In December, playing in the mud became the new national sport for our Labradors! I am sort of praying for snow just because I know that to a Labrador the only thing that is better than mud is some fresh white snow!

Last year has brought me all kinds of Retriever Life adventures. Lots and lots of hunt training with my dogs, running my first AKC Senior Hunt Tests with my boy Zeus, covering the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever National, interviewing one of the cornerstones of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever breed – Alison Strang, and going to the Labrador Nationals at Purina Farms in Missouri. The best part is that I always get to meet such amazing dogs and the people associated with them.

With all of that activity we had some challenges getting Retriever Life into a good rhythm. We were fighting our technology and seemed to be losing the battle! Now after months of hard work we have a brand new Retriever Life and some great things being built out to make it even better. We have some new folks that will be helping us create great content and we are taking advantage of using video whenever possible to make our stories more interactive.

We opened an online store – Retriever Gear.com that is adding great new products every day. Our store focuses on gear that we use in our training or raising our Labradors here at Misty Mountain Labradors. We think it is important that the gear we sell is gear that works in the real world of living with and training retrievers.

We really hope that all of these changes will provide you, our readers, a great experience for you and your dogs. So get out and start living the Retriever Life! It’s more than a game of fetch!



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  1. Margie says:

    We just recently got a big storm of 18 inches of the white stuff here in Utah. Clarity (Zeus x Prada)does loves playing in it. She’s having a hard time understanding why she can’t play for longer periods of time, though! But, with temperatures dipping to below 0 we have to limit her play time outside. That’s when her new Zebra, Lion and Elephant toys she got for Christmas come in handy. She’s learned which is which by name and we throw them or hide them throughout the house and tell her to go get Zebra, etc… She loves this game, too plus she likes that she’s got both beauty and brains. Must be good breeding!

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