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| April 1, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Dr Zeus

Dr Zeus

Dr. Zeus is known as Am GCH Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH, CGC by the AKC and just plain old Zeus to his friends. He has traveled far and wide in his four years. All across the US and Canada where he learned many things about being a great dog. His show career brought him to the elite of the sport and he hopes his new passion of hunting will also bring him great success. In all of his travels Zeus has met many dogs of all breeds. His insight and knowledge is how he achieved his honorary doctorate in “How to be a dog”. If you have a question for him, Zeus would happy to give you a dog’s perspective, so please send them to AskDrZeus@retrieverlife.com.

Dear Dr. Zeus: What is the proper etiquette when being introduced to another dog? – “Banjo” from Kansas City, MO

Dear Banjo: In Asian culture or in the presence of royalty, greetings are associated with a bow. In the canine culture, greetings are accompanied by a “bow wow”. I would highly recommend limiting yourself to a single bark that tells the other dog “hey” or just a quick head nod (this is preferable to the bark as your walker may reprimand you with a sharp tug on the lead and, besides, it’s WAY cooler). I have a black lab mix friend called Krypto. He’s a real social guy and gets super vocal when he’s out on walks and sees other dogs. His barks and howls are saying “Hello, how are you? Beautiful day, isn’t it? Do you want to be friends? You’re not going to try to bite me, are you? Did you see Princess the poodle 2 blocks down is wearing one of those “cones”? Wonder what surgery SHE had? My brother is home in a crate – ha! I’ve been having soft bowel movements lately, do you think it’s going around …” TMI, dude, TMI! Again, a minimalist approach is best.

Now, let’s get up close and personal. If you’re lucky, your walker will stop to chat with the other dog’s walker so you can (quietly) find out lots of information without muttering a sound. You may be tempted to sniff the other dog’s nose, but you can find out what they had for dinner later. Go directly to the “back end” and you can find out how old they are, how they’re feeling, everywhere they’ve been, what other dogs have been out today, and how everyone’s doing – single best information source. Again, just get the information and back up so as not to overstay your welcome. And just to be polite, give the other dog’s walker a sniff on the back end so s/he won’t feel slighted.

Remember keep initial introductions short and polite. I hope this helps. If you forget, I’m sure your walker will remind you with a sharp tug on your lead.

Oh, I should remind you that the above advice is only my perspective. Humans have an entirely different perspective – so much so that they’ve actually created a “test” for us called Canine Good Citizen. I”ve done it and can tell you there’s no barking or sniffing allowed – what fun is that?

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I am one of the founders and editor of Retriever Life. My passion is Labradors of all sizes and shapes but I am a big fan of all the retriever breeds.

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  1. Margie says:

    I love Dr. Zeus! His advice always makes me smile. 🙂

  2. Irma Fox says:

    Dear Dr. Zeus,
    What has been your diet since you were born? Supplements? I love your coat!!

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