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| April 1, 2011 | 3 Comments
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Giggle Tasting The Good Life

Giggle Tasting The Good Life

The little black girl that was coming to my house was to be WestRiver Perfect Storm with a call name of Tulia which meant heavy downpour, she walked into our lives and promptly named herself..Giggle – WestRiver U Quack Me Up.

We recently visited with the Animal Whisperer at the Rose City Classic Dog Shows in Portland, Oregon. I was kind of a skeptic but thought it would be fun to see if she had any thoughts to share. The first “words” out of Giggle’s mouth were “So, are we having puppies?” Not really a big stretch for someone to ask about a young female but that subject has been a reoccurring theme and the one thing her breeder had told me to ask of the whisperer. She has had very few seasons and while her breeder is excited for me to breed her, she hasn’t been cooperating. Giggle says she thinks she wants puppies but in a few years and that she thinks she might need help. She wants the help from Annie, our rescue Yorkie! That brought a laugh but when I thought about it, Annie is the expert on whelping in our house. She is the only one that has had pups. She was a mom in a puppy mill so has had who knows how many litters. I’m sure she had to do things on her own so who better to get help from?

One of the few questions I had for her was why she is afraid of big black dogs such as Newfies and Berners. She said one scared her when she was a puppy and if I promised to yell at it if one scared her again, she would quit barking at them. She was fine with them the rest of the weekend however a brace of border collies in the motel lobby did set her to barking..back for more whispering?

She spent the rest of the session entertaining us with Giggle-isms. She said that she was a comedian and a good one! She had outgrown pink as a favorite color and now wanted purple things including a bed that is flat with a pillow to rest her head on. She wants pink ice cream when she wins at the shows. For fun she wants to go swimming, more laughter ensued because the friends that were listening witnessed her disdain of water when she got her WC. She literally tried to push me in but now she says that was so we could swim together. She wants a yellow life vest. I was going to run out and buy her one until one of my friends pointed out that she was probably telling a joke about wanting to swim.

She wants to be a therapy dog for kids and “regular people” because she likes to make people happy. She has a fan club at shows, people I don’t know come up and say ”hi, Giggle” so I’m guessing she does make people happy. Her handler and best buddy, Kerry, was at the reading and asked her if it made her nervous when I got stressed when she was in the ring. Her reply was “I don’t pay attention to her! That’s my time to play with Kerry”. Giggle did suggest that I might try eating pink ice cream while she was in the ring to keep from being nervous; not a fan of pink ice cream but maybe I’ll try it.

A new puppy is coming to our house and she is okay with that but has two stipulations: he has to eat last and he can’t be funnier than her. She thinks his name should be “Books” or maybe “Library”. Huh? Please tell me she is just trying to make me laugh? Library Books!

Several of my other labby friends decided to take their dogs to the Whisperer after our fun experience and graciously allowed me to sit in. Listening to them all have serious thoughts ranging from worrying about the other dogs at home, wanting to go to new homes with kids, needing to be told they were loved and missed, or worried about mom’s health just reaffirmed my belief that for Giggle, life IS just a bowl of cherries. No deep thoughts for my little clown. And now we come to the reason for this story, Giggle wants to be in a magazine in an article just about her and a picture to go with it! Here you go, my silly giggly piggly.

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  1. Margie says:

    Toni is great at making dreams come true! I’m glad giggles got to be in Retriever Life Magazine. Fun article!

  2. Shelah says:

    Great article! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Animal Whisperer. We had a great experience and should have gone years earlier! The “organ problem” that Loni (9 mo old female) was telling us about in Boomer (8 yo Grandfather) was TRUE! Boomer has a cyst in his eye, it was diagnosed 6 weeks later at a CERF clinic. We had taken Boomer for a full blood panel, etc and he checked out fine.

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