Judges Are People Too: Lori Bentine

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Who needs judges? WE ALL DO! Judges help us earn the coveted ribbons and titles that we want so badly for our dogs. But most of the time, we only interact with them briefly in the ring or in the field when our dog is being observed. We, at Retriever Life, wanted to get to know these indispensable people better. We hope you enjoy as much as we do getting to know these dedicated people  outside of competition, as Judges Are People Too. If you have a question you’d like asked or you want to recommend a judge to highlight, please contact misha@retrieverlife.com.

About The Judge


Photo by Toni Leitao

Lori Bentine

Several weekends ago we had the great pleasure to meet and get to know Lori Bentine at the Rose City Labrador Retriever Club Specialty! Get to know her a little better in our second installment of “Judges Are People Too”!

~ What are you currently breeding and what you’ve bred in the past?  I’ve just bred my Grady daughter to Ch. Shalimar’s The Animator from the west coast. I have kept a male and female that I’m absolutely wild about!  Over the years I have used Annie Cogo’s Pipe Major, Kendall Herr’s Tycoon and Nancy Arbuckle’s Grady with nice results.

~ What are you qualified to judge?  Labrador Retrievers only.

~ Recent and/or proudest accomplishment?  Aside from my two sons, Tyler and Corey, certainly winning the breed at The Potomac in 2001 with my multiple BISS Ch. Inselheim’s No Kid’n at Tremont.  She had taken Winner’s Bitch honors there the year before.

~ Do you own pets besides dogs?  No. We have mice in our attic. Do they count?!

~ If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  I’m a worrier.  Wish I would not obsess over things out of my control.

~ What are you having for dinner tonight?  Baked cod with roasted Brussel Sprouts  and sliced sweet potatoes.  I love a good piece of white fish any night of the week.

~ What are your favorite names?  BillyBob, Foo Man Chu, Khaki, True, Frankie and Bebe.

~ What book are you currently reading?  “Bittersweet”.   Just finished “The Goldfinch” and “The Fault in our Stars”.

~ What do you value most in your friends?  Honesty and humor.

~ What is your current state of mind?  Pretty mellow.

~ What is your favorite drink?  Love a good red wine!

~ What is one of your favorite movies?  The Sound of Music.

~ What type of music do you listen to?  Country and anything by The Eagles.

~ What do you do to spoil yourself?  Get a pedicure.

~ When are you the happiest?  Doing anything outdoors or on the water with my husband.

~ What is your motto?  Time races by much quicker than you think.  So, take good care of yourself, be happy, love deeply and enjoy life.  Engage!

~ Where would you like to travel to?  Love the Turks and Caicos!  Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and great restaurants!

~ Where would you like to live?  I’m most content where I am – Delaware, Ohio.  I’m addicted to my family and friends!  But, love to travel!

~ Which living person do you most admire?  Pope Francis for his humility and kindness and the way he is touching the world.

~ Which talent would you most like to have?  Wish I could draw or paint.

~ Which words or phrases to you most overuse?  Hola!  Long story short . . .

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