Labrador Philosophy

| June 20, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Every day is a romp!

Thank you Lorraine Yu for your photo contribution.

That’s the thing about being a Labrador retriever – you were born for fun. Seldom was your loopy, freewheeling mind cluttered by contemplation, and never at all by somber worry; every day was a romp. What else could there possibly be to life?…..And everywhere you went were gullible humans who patted and hugged and fussed over you…….Labradors operated by the philosophy that life was too brief for anything but fun and mischief and spontaneous carnality…..Labradors tended to live exclusively, gleefully, obliviously in the moment.

~Carl Hiaasen, Sick Puppy

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Jill Scully

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Jill is mom to three retrievers. Krypto (a black lab mix) is very laid back & only gets excited when it’s time to eat. Ripley (a pure bred golden retriever) is the typical happy, always “ready to play” golden. Boomer (a golden retriever/English setter) is the baby of the group. He loves to go for rides in the car and follows Jill from room to room around the house.

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