Let The Games Begin

| June 1, 2011 | 3 Comments
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A Chesapeake Bay Retriever Making A Splash!

A Chesapeake Bay Retriever Making A Splash!

Editor In Chief - Toni Leitão

Editor - Toni Leitão

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From the Editor

With Spring waning and Summer fast approaching, professional and amateur trainers alike take advantage of the longer, and (sometimes) warmer days. Bumpers, birds, whistles, guns, wingers, and (of course) our retrievers are unloaded at the local training grounds while anticipation of the hunt fills the air.

We are all so blessed to have retrievers in our lives. They are always ready for fun and now is the time to get involved. After all, Retriever Life is truly “More Than A Game Of Fetch!”. Hunt games are a great way to hang with fellow retriever lovers and witness your retriever experience a joy that only comes with retrieving a downed bird! Some might think these games barbaric in this age of political correctness but there is something truly primal in the hunt and our retrievers are built to hunt! So throw your preconceptions to the wind and let the games begin! You might learn something about yourself and your retriever.



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I am one of the founders and editor of Retriever Life. My passion is Labradors of all sizes and shapes but I am a big fan of all the retriever breeds.

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  1. Ric Fox says:

    Here here! not only are they bred for hunting, they soon live for it. Their tails start going double time.
    If my dog only displayed that much enthusiasm for the show ring too.

  2. Bev Gettling says:

    Even after being in hunt test for three years, my lab, Flint, still shakes with excitement at every practice and every hunt test. He REALLY, really loves the game.

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