Product Review: MIGHTY Dog Toys

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Something that I feel that is always in flux when you have a dog is how many toys they have and how many pieces those toys may or may not be in. Three labs live in my household and I can tell you no toy lasts for very long, especially if it has squeakers and stuffing. That was until I discovered Mighty dog toys, made by Dog Tuff. Dog Tuff is a company that specializes in making very durable stuffed dog toys and other products such as dog beds, leashes, collars, and chew toys. This company makes all their toys in the USA, constructing their toys with multiple layers of flexible materials to produce a well-made and resilient toy, whether it is stuffed or unstuffed. None of the toys have pointy or hard edges and allow for a soft and plush feeling yet are still “MIGHTY strong”.

mighty_jr_dragon_red_angleDog Tuff produces a variety of fun stuffed toys ranging from dragons to gold fish!We were given a Mighty goose as a gift and the dogs loved it so much that we had to get another. Now the dogs have a giant mammothmighty_goldfish_jr_front Mighty toy in addition to their goose, both of which have remained in one piece for several months now and survived tug-o-war between the puppies and the big dogs on a daily basis.  I was even surprised that the mammoth, with multiple appendages, has remained in one piece for so long, as none of the dogs have been able to amputate its legs, tusks, or tail. My black lab, Indy, loves to “gut” his toys and has remained thwarted by his Mighty toys. He and his little brother, Strider, drag each other across the kitchen floor pulling on either end of the goose and it still remains intact and in one piece. It is also soft enough for our dog Sugar to “nurse” on. I think it is also important to add that both of our toys have been through the wash a dozen times and have yet to deteriorate from that as well.

Indy and Strider play with their MIGHTY Goose!

Indy and Strider play with their MIGHTY Goose!

I will admit that Mighty Toys are more expensive than your average dog toy. But you truly get what you pay for! Obviously no dog toy lasts forever but some can last longer than others. Also, the fact that I’m not picking clouds of stuffing or fabric limbs up or out of mouths is a good selling point for me.

If you’re interested in buying a MIGHTY dog toy for your dog, click on one of the Amazon images above to start searching or check out the Dog Tuff website!

Do you have a MIGHTY toy? What do you think of yours?!

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