A Walk With A View

| June 5, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Cooper And Amy

Me And Cooper On Our Walk

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As stated in my inaugural column, Cooper loves being admired for his beauty or his goofy smiley face as he rambles around the neighborhood. What could be better than coupling a stroll with lots of people to provide that positive feedback and a breathtaking view for his walking partners? Not much.

After a long day at the office or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this is one of the best walks in the city of Seattle. Yes, there are others, but this one is pretty darn good. It is a 2 mile loop around the neighborhood of Queen Anne. The scenery could not be better.

The Map Of The Queen Anne Loop

The Map Of The Queen Anne Loop

If you are visiting the neighborhood, parking is still relatively friendly compared to some other parts of the city, so you should be able to find a spot within a block or two of the starting point marked at Boston and Queen Anne Ave. You start with a stroll down Queen Anne Avenue and can even pop into the extremely friendly and useful, All the Best pet store (more on them in a future column). Window shop as you walk down to the counterbalance and turn right onto Galer for just a short block. Turn left onto 1st and see some of the old brownstone type apartment buildings. When you get to Highland Drive a few blocks later, take a right and make sure to walk on the south side of the street so that you can be ready to take a short breather at Kerry Park to take in the magnificent view of the Seattle skyline.

It is one of the views of the Seattle skyline and is even pretty special on rainier days. Snap a quick photo of your pooch at the lookout and then get back to your walking. Check out the old homes along Highland in a variety of architectural styles. As the road curves to the north and changes its name to 8th Ave W, you get your second picture worthy view of the Puget Sound looking west toward Bainbridge Island. On a clear day, this view offers up the Olympic Mountain range and gorgeous sunsets on many days. You then follow the historic “Queen Anne Boulevard” route along the road lined with period street lamps.

As you wind up to Crockett, the tour buses may drive by you and there is no doubt your furry friend will meet some friendly canines along this path, so be ready to be social. Make your way back east, watch the traffic on 6th (which does not have stop signs!). You can also take a moment there to pop into the dog friendly shopping at Meadow, a boutique gift and clothing store. Stroll through the residential part of the neighborhood to find yourself back on Queen Anne Ave. If you try this walk during the summer there are a few spots with outdoor seating and dog friendly seats like Paragon and Emmer & Rye where you could choose to linger for a bite to eat.

Maybe you will even see Cooper and his humans out for a stroll! This is a great walk that is not too hilly and is a great way to show off a part of Seattle to anyone visiting. And remember – be respectful and a good dog owner – scoop your pup’s poop.

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