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| December 9, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Misha and Parker stacking

Misha and Parker stacking

It has been a few weeks since I last attended confirmation class with Tonya so today was a nice refresher. My learning curve was not as steep as in the past and I had the opportunity to work with both Tonya and her assistant Hannah. Indy was not with me today but I did bring Sugar, CH Misty Mountain Some Like It Hot, and also got to work with Misty Mountain Labrador’s Parker, Misty Mountain Chasin’ the Bird. As I have said in the past, Sugar is an excellent teacher. I worked with her first to reestablish some good handling habits and then moved on to Parker, whom is a little more of a challenge. I only say this because Parker is much younger and does not have as much experience as Sugar as well as I am also still developing my knowledge of handling. But I must add, Parker is worlds more gentle when it comes to taking the bait from my hand. Sugar tends to leave me with some threateningly raw fingers after our training sessions.

Something that Tonya pointed out today, which I had not thought about before, was I needed to stay out of the judge’s way. After I stack Parker I need to make sure my hands, body, and hair don’t interfere with the judges perspective of the dog. To represent the dog as effectively as possible I need to give the cleanest view. Another aspect of handling that I am constantly having to remind myself of is making sure the show collar is cleanly around the dogs neck. It makes for more control and a much cleaner picture of the dog.

I am continuing to practice stacking both Sugar and Indy at home as well as promoting the experience as something fun so they look forward to it. I hope to continue to attend confirmation class in preparation for taking Indy to his first show. That is all for now and thanks for reading!

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