Get Your Rally On: Retriever Life AKC Rally Kit

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Are you interested in rally? Have you read the What’s In a Title – Rally article? Rally provides a great introduction to the four AKC Companion Events which were developed to demonstrate the bond between a well-trained dog and its owner; other events are Obedience, Tracking, and Agility. Rally was designed with the traditional pet owner in mind yet has various levels of competition for those up to the challenge. It was developed after the rally-style auto racing; the course includes 10 – 20 stations which are scored (less rigorously as traditional obedience) as well as the overall time to complete is captured in the event of a tie. Rally is something you might build upon successful completion of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC). If rally is something that you would like to pursue, check out our complete Rally Kit below!

Rally signs and nos

Our Rally Signs Set and Number Signs will allow you to set up your own courses to simulate a real rally test. These are great for practicing your obedience and rally skills with your furry companion not only in class but also at home and out and about. Our cards are sturdy as they are laminated (7 mil) to hold up through wear and tear as well as all kinds of weather.

Rally flash cards

Our Rally Flash Cards are convenient for quizzing yourself and memorizing tasks that may be required at each station. They are also great for reviewing if you forget what symbols mean, similar to our quick reference guide (below), and can easily fit into any kind of bag for your convenience.

Rally summary cards

Our Rally Quick Reference Guide provides a visual (sign) and description reminder of the various skills you and your dog need to know in order to attain rally titles.


These tools helped us achieve our Rally titles; we hope they will help you. You’ll find these quality cards are reasonably priced. Email to place your order today! (Note: prices above do not include shipping.).





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