Retriever Hunt Training – May 3, 2012

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Training day: Pouring Rain – a beautiful day to do some retriever hunt training! We went to Peppers Retriever Hunt Training Grounds to train with the Golden Retriever Gang today. We had lots of fun! Zeus and his kids are really coming along.

Little DJ (Misty Mountain Stomp The Yard) made some nice land water land retrieves. One had a short water (10 yards) followed by a long land (30 yards) and she found the bird and with one minor victory lap around the folks on top of the hill she returned with the bird crossed the water and proudly presented it to me. Her perseverance and desire to please is really fun for me to watch.

Diamond (Misty Mountain Millennium Star) is now working on water retrieves that require getting up on land and getting back into the water. She did great on both. We are continuing to work on her “hold” and other obedience (she is a little strong willed like her mom) at home. But she moves like lightning on both land and water!

Thor (Misty Mountain Hammer Of The Gods) is just crazy talented. A couple of weeks ago he had never even picked up a bumper. Today he did some excellent water singles and finished off his day with a 150 yard water retrieve! It was amazing to watch. Dick Geving, his owner, is doing wonderful things with him. Tonya will be handling him at upcoming Mt Baker Kennel Club Dog Shows.

Zeus (GCH Am/Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder, JH CGC) is just making me so proud. He nailed two water doubles without any collars on him. He sat patiently, although shaking from excitement, as each of the birds fell and only left when I released him. He is such a good boy. Then I lined him up for a land blind that was definitely tough as it started out with the edge of the pond to our left and was causing “suction” towards the last fall of the just finished double. I lined him up and sent him, and as expected he veered to the left along the bank towards the old fall. I blew a “sit” whistle a command which we have been practicing daily. Zeus sat and I gave three toots to bring him in a little closer and then gave him a hard “right over” which he took after two tries. Finally I gave him a “back” and he took it and found the bird and brought it back.

I am still building trust with Zeus so that he will believe me when I say “back”, or “over” on a blind retrieve. We work daily on “bucket drills”, “ladder drills”, and “baseball drills” to name a few. These are all new to me so I am learning at the same time as Zeus. This process is really helping me understand my dogs better and more importantly it is helping me understand me better. I can feel myself becoming more patient with situations that used to baffle me. Leave it to our dogs to teach us the real meaning of life!

Retriever Life IS more than a game of fetch!

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  1. Margie says:

    Sounds like an amazing day for an amazing man and his amazing dogs! Great job!

  2. Jeanne Karras says:

    I don’t understand the lingo but I enjoy reading about it and it does sound exciting and would be
    great fun to watch the dogs in action.

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