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Our featured puppy cam is the current litterΒ of the Warrior Canine Connection! Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that utilizes clinically based Canine Connection Therapy to help wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other. The mother – “Temple” is from Power Paws Assistance Dogs. The dad is “Stanley” from WCC. Learn more about Stanley.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

We are searching for a new litter of puppies to feature on Retriever Life. If you have a puppy cam and would like to share it with our readers please contact us at info@retrieverlife.com.

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  1. Kate Braukus says:

    My children are having so much fun watching your beautiful puppies and you loving on them!

  2. Toni says:

    They are hard ti=o resist for sure!

  3. Hi Toni and Lorraine! How fun to get to see another Misty Mountain litter of beautiful labrador puppies! They are so precious! It just seems a short time ago that we watched our handsome Misty Mountain Gummi Bear (aka Tucker) grow up on your cameras. Now he is already 2.5 years old, full of life and love and enjoys being a Pet Partners therapy dog!

  4. kim kaila says:

    Hi Toni and Lorraine,
    love watching these babies and wish we could hear these little squeakers (as you say they are!) LOL these little dudes seem like aggressive eaters…always hungry!

  5. kim kaila says:

    well those yellow girls are turning out to be chunks! they are getting all the good cream for sure! LOL can we see more video with sound of the squeakers?

    • Toni says:

      I will take some video today and post it on Retriever Life’s Facebook page.

      • kim kaila says:

        YES! so looking forward to that!! they are getting so strong daily…some of those yellows almost seem to be walking! LOL thanks…Prada is a great mom and you guys rock for taking such good care of them all. hope you are getting some naps in.

  6. Fil says:

    They really are getting around! What a Mother Prada is – Prada and her team are not getting much sleep – I am seeing all of you at the oddest hours.

  7. kim kaila says:

    amazing how they twitch and move around even with full bellies. one would think they would just stay still while sleeping. looking forward to seeing the video later!! cannot wait so see squishy faces too!

  8. Michelle lowery says:

    Was hanging out at duck camp today enjoying my Retriever Life reading when I ran across the puppy cam. What beautiful babies! Congrats to Prada & Zeus, and to you! Can’t wait to show my granddaughter when we get home. Looking forward to 2013. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • Toni says:

      I wish I was at Duck Camp! Zeus and I are missing our training! I am working on the new issue of RL so stay tuned!

      Thanks for the well wishes on our puppies!

  9. kim kaila says:

    toni, is that prada on the FB cover of Ret. Life? gorgeous dog who ever he/she is!

  10. kim kaila says:

    lol…happy new year! every time I log in to see these guys, they yellow ones are ALWAYS trying to nurse off the little weenies of the black boys! hope they open their eyes soon to realize that is NOT the milk bar! haha

  11. Fil says:

    Good morning Prada, Happy News Year! I can’t believe how at 8 days your kids are walking around.

    Toni, I continued to be amazed at the progress these little puppies are making! I am in love with this litter – they are just so cute – and I know they will turn into beautiful examples of the Breed!

    Zeus and Prada have had a wonderful influence on our beloved Labrador breed.

  12. kim kaila says:

    so fun to be watching you do this photo shoot! cannot not wait to see these pix!!

  13. Fil says:

    Ahoy the whelping box! At what age do the eyes open?

  14. Kate Braukus says:

    Thank you so much for the close-ups! The whole family is enjoying this so much! Forget Netflix! They are so beautiful and moving so fast!

  15. kim kaila says:

    little chunky butts! so adorable! are their eyes opening yet? looked like they yellow pups eyes are starting

  16. Fil says:

    I give it another week and you will be afraid to get between the puppies and Prada when she comes to the box! Great tails – and as the lady said – really chunkie rears!

  17. Mike Kremer says:

    Gaius (who just turned two) loves watching the puppies! Of course he calls them all “Mack” πŸ™‚

  18. kim kaila says:

    ahh.. nail trimming! that’s a LOTTA nails to trim!

  19. kim kaila says:

    oh, their eyes are open!! do we get to see photos of their lovely little faces with eyes open soon?

  20. kim kaila says:

    oh prada..! just when the babies get settled in to nurse, you get up! oh, they are not happy campers now. why do you get up girl?? ahh.. cuz dad it there! love watching the pups!

  21. Jennifer Snyder says:

    Luv this!!! Sooooo excited!

  22. Fil says:

    Toni, you lucky guy – 3:48 AM your time and you are playing with the girls! Thanks for making our morning.

  23. Gina says:

    Morning Toni and Lorraine! You two just make my morning.

  24. kim kaila says:

    oh my gosh! these pups are so funny around Prada’s food dish tonight!!

  25. kim kaila says:

    Look at that yellow boy walk! you go!!

  26. FIL says:

    Happy birthday Gina and Zeus! Another signal from God!

  27. kim kaila says:

    so fun to be watching these 8 pups walking around and yawning!! I tell ya, those yellows are confused tho…even with their eyes open , they want to keep nursing off the black litter mates. they must be thinking the black pups are Prada!!

  28. kim kaila says:

    good morning pups! fun to see you walking around…and starting to play with each other!!

  29. kim kaila says:

    not sure what’s going on with the camear…the picture is pixilated

  30. kim kaila says:

    oh how I wish i was the one sitting in the whelping box playing with the pups!! about how much do they weigh now?? do they start on the gruel soon? seems like they are always so hungry little buggers! Lol

  31. kim kaila says:

    awww. adorable to see the pups sleeping so close to each other. good night peeps!

  32. kim kaila says:

    massive puppy pile at the milk bar! red boy had troubles getting to the bar and orange boy is eating w momma!! amazing to watch!

  33. FIL says:

    Toni – Prada likes it when you create feeding frenzie with the yogart. Whats your fingers!

  34. kim kaila says:

    let the messy games begin! they LOVE that yogurt!! LOVE IT!

  35. kim kaila says:

    that gruel must have done them in! LOL they are sleeping so soundly with fuller bellies…Too bad I missed the 1st session of gruel…rewind button, but I know there will be more feedings to come!!

  36. kim kaila says:

    squeel!! so fun to watch their meal of gruel!! oh, what a MESS! should I buy stock in wet wipes ? LOL
    love seeing this since we cannot be there to see our pup in person!! thanks for the puppy cam , it’s the best!

  37. kim kaila says:

    just when you get them all cleaned up, then the pooping will start! oy.

  38. FIL says:

    Prada is stealing or retrieving puppy toys – what great drive! I think she is getting that “hit & run” thing down to a science! I can’t believe how mobile the kids are?

  39. Kate Braukus says:

    Absolute cuteness! These pups are so sweet, chunky and beautiful! We love the hedgehog. All puppies should have a hedgehog:) We have gone through so many! The lighter yellow girl reminds us so much of our sweet Sauvie. Thank you for sharing this – it has been great therapy for us:)

  40. Jill Rader says:

    Just tuned back in – so happy to see there is another precious litter! Thank you – I was needing some entetainment & inspiration!

  41. kim kaila says:

    puppy play time frenzy! wish we could be there to play!

  42. Jill Rader says:

    Romp time!

  43. Kate says:

    That is one of the reasons why she is so beautiful. Her coat is amazing, so dark and shiny.

    • Thanks for the nice complement! Prada is very beautiful. Unfortunately she will be losing her coat as a result of the pups and she will look a little less beautiful over the coming weeks, but we will get her back into show shape!

  44. kim kaila says:

    funny…red collar boy is licking the slick floor! so new to them! great set up! they are going to look like bambi walking on a frozen pond…a bit slippery. They will get the hang of it!

  45. kim kaila says:

    aww. Prada. you look so pretty sitting in there with your babies!! first time I have seen you in there without the pupsqueaks nursing on you! They are actually sleeping with you in there!

  46. kim kaila says:

    is that zeus in the back corner? hi!! saw you all playing with the pups again tonight! little red boy was really looking at the camera tonight. maybe you can hold the pups up to the camera for face shots sometimes??

    • Yep that was him keeping an eye on his babies! We will do the face shots for sure. Have you looked on the Misty Mountain Labradors site? We have pictures out there with face shots. Just done with a point and shoot but you will get the idea.

  47. Kate Braukus says:

    Just watched Lorraine loving on the puppies. What sweet bliss! They get more and more beautiful every day!

    • And their personalities are starting to pop up! This is a very fun bunch!

      • kim kaila says:

        oops…sorry, I just replied to Kate. love watching these guys toni. I have a hint of personality but not really. will there be any pix posted from yesterday? will we get updates on their personalities?
        I think they love their new larger digs!

  48. kim kaila says:

    hi kate, were you one of the lucky people that went to the puppy party yesterday? we are having so much fun watching!! I cannot tell about their personalities yet tho.

  49. Jill Rader says:

    Wow they are living at the Ritz now – moving on up! Nice set up – even includes a fireplace!

  50. kim kaila says:

    oh they are licking that gruel bowl CLEAN! they are going to need another bowl soon! these little guys are piggies! LOL they are greedy for that gruel now

  51. Kate says:

    Kim, unfortunately we missed out on this litter and were not at the puppy party. We would be more than happy to go check it out and cuddle with the cuties for you:))

  52. kim kaila says:

    happy 5 weeks pups! Lorraine, they are so sweet sitting there with you tonight! each waiting patiently for you to pet them!! love it. puppy party looked to be a hit today! bummer though, I was late in tuning in and missed the web cam face shots of all the black boys! I’ll wait for next week.
    Kisses to the pups. OH, love all the bigger dogs, Prada, Zeus and the rest getting the love after the party was over!!

  53. kim kaila says:

    what is that large white container? they love that thing!

    • Actually it is not some sort of playpen! It is the beginning of potty training. It is a litter box filled with pine pellets. Some of the pups are starting to understand which is great!

      Hopefully that will pay off as the puppies go home!

  54. Jill Rader says:

    Is one of the pups white? I don’t see very many white labs and think they are absolutely beautiful – of course all the pups are adorable though!

    • Well there is one that is lighter in color, but it probably will not stay that way. Zeus was basically white as a puppy but he is not white any more!

      I call them the “rare” snow Labs made for hunting in the winter! Just kidding, but we have fun with the idea.

  55. kim kaila says:

    lol no, the container that is white that looks like a huge vitamin bottle! lol! I know the litter box

  56. kim kaila says:

    oh, they are FULL of it this morning! LOL hey…how come it’s still dark here at 6:15 am yet I see sun poking thru your window there?

  57. MJ says:

    haha…every time I check on them they are sleeping :-)))

  58. kim kaila says:

    what an amazing puppy party today! they were exploring all over the place!! fearless for sure! Toni and Lorraine, you have a fantastic backyard and my son would LOVE it! such fun places to explore for kids and dogs!! The pups really ventured out far and wide today.
    Thanks for sharing

  59. kim kaila says:

    awww! they are outside! I think they are wondering why the heck they cannot have the run of the whole lovely backyard like on puppy party day! LOL nice to see Prada too!

  60. kim kaila says:

    are the pups camping outside tonight to sleep? they did not quite know what to do outside today with out all the people around to pay attention to them! LOL

  61. kim kaila says:

    yay! pups are happy to have Lorraine home! welcome home Lorraine! I’ll be Toni is happy to have you back! he’s been working really hard! LOL

    • Lorraine says:

      It’s great to be back. Toni did an amazing job taking care of everyone. I think the pups remembered me … or at least didn’t miss a beat jumping and pulling on my fleece. What friendly pups.

  62. kim kaila says:

    awww…bath time before going to their new homes! waiting here to learn which boy is ours!!

  63. kim kaila says:

    aww…makes me sad to not see the pups any longer, but our red boy is doing well tonight, yet I know he’s longing for his litter mates. He’s sad at times and looking for them. Jason and I are trying our hardest to make him feel comfortable and not lonely

  64. Mary says:

    How come the toys aren’t in with the puppies?

    • I know! I think the toys were being cleaned! BTW – I love that picture of your Lab with the Lobster! It was one of my favorites from the photo contest…

      • Mary says:

        That explains it, Puppy toys do get dirty pretty quick.
        THANK YOU. You compliment means a lot! I was so hoping it would place. If RL ever wants to use it, let me know. Many attempts went into get that photo! By the way, the lobster was unharmed, yeah, for the soft mouth Labrador retrievers.

  65. Jill Rader says:

    Nice clean bed for the babies! Lovin’ the cartoon blanket!

  66. Mary says:

    I like to watch the bodies twitch when they sleep.

  67. Jill Rader says:

    Is the puppy cam broke?

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