Saving Cinnamon

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After Christine Sullivan worked in sales and technology for years, she volunteered to care for animal victims of Hurricane Katrina and found her true passion in life — caring for animals in need. Saving Cinnamon has been featured by CNN, Fox News, USA Today, local and national radio shows, and national and international magazines.

Christine is the founder of New Hope For Animals whose mission is to fund organizations that care for animals in need and she continues to work with Operation Baghdad Pups. She lives in Vermont with her family and dogs.

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Book Reviews

A few months ago we had the rare occasion to take a vacation from our dogs and we went to the bookstore to find an entertaining book in the dog section (of course!) to read on the plane. There were so many to choose from ranging from training tips, “dummies” books, and novels. What caught my eye was what looked like a Labrador Retriever puppy on the cover of a book called Saving Cinnamon. After I read the back cover description of the book, I must say that I wasn’t excited about reading it. Not because I didn’t think it would be good, but because I knew that it would likely tug at my heart strings and draw a tear or two – not something I was looking for during my vacation. I decided that since I was already missing my dogs (and hadn’t even left yet), I would probably be emotional anyway, so I got the book.

Saving Cinnamon

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The first part of the book is told mainly from the perspective of the Navy Reservist, Mark Feffer, who befriends a puppy named Cinnamon while working in Kandahar. Mark shares stories about Cinnamon’s life and her interaction with military folks and her life on the base. Now as retriever lovers ,we already understand the healing powers our dogs have when we arrive home from a tough day at the office. Imagine if your office was Afghanistan and dodging bullets was part of your job description. The impact that little Cinnamon has on these soldiers is deep and the bond that Mark develops with Cinnamon is so strong that he wants to adopt her and take her home to the U.S. after his tour of duty ends.

Although Mark has to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hoops and paperwork, he secures permission and a flight for Cinnamon to go to the U.S. Mark’s wife and sister (Christine) are beyond excited about having Cinnamon join the family. But, like all great stories, nothing goes as planned and Cinnamon is lost in Turkey! The second part of the story revolves around the efforts of Christine, Mark, and a host of concerned folks helping to reunite with Cinnamon. Where many people would have given up on the search for Cinnamon, Christine demonstrates a calm determination that knocks down any barriers in her way.

The book was a very easy read and is written in a way to keep your attention. You just can’t wait to read what happens next. The second part if the book is somewhat repetitive as Cinnamon’s situation is relayed to various different audiences; I just skimmed those parts and still captured the author’s intentions.

Overall, I enjoyed the book more than expected and recommend it to any dog lover. The “amazing true story” is truly amazing. It’s a great example that shows how compassion and persistence can be very powerful – together they are dynamite. But mostly, the book shows how wonderful animals are in not only bringing happiness and caring into people’s lives, but also how they help connect complete strangers and change lives forever.

If you’ve read it, I’m interested in what you thought of the book – please share your comments below.

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