The Case Against Plush Squeaky Toys

| March 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
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My Name is Dr. Zeus and I am powerless over squeaky toys!

My Name is Dr. Zeus and I am powerless over squeaky toys!

Dr Zeus

Dr. Zeus

Dr. Zeus is known as BISS GCH Am/Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH, CGC by the AKC and just plain old Zeus to his friends. He has traveled far and wide in his seven years. All across the US and Canada where he learned many things about being a great dog. His show career brought him to the elite of the sport and he hopes his new passion of hunting will also bring him great success. In all of his travels Zeus has met many dogs of all breeds. His insight and knowledge is how he achieved his honorary doctorate in “How to be a dog”. If you have a question for him, Zeus would happy to give you a dog’s perspective, so please send them to

Hi my name is Dr. Zeus and I am addicted to squeaky toys. They make such a great sound and I just love walking around with a squeaky toy and making it squeak as many times as I can! Unfortunately these toys can also be killers which is why I am officially swearing off these toys. My daughter, Misty Mountain Chasin’ The Bird – “Parker” just had surgery to remove a squeaky toy from her stomach. Any surgery is risky and this particular surgery made my parents, Toni and Lorraine, very upset because they felt responsible for this mishap and they were worried about the surgery. Plus, while Parker was recovering, we couldn’t play outside together. I love my pack, so when one of them is not feeling well, it makes me sad. Fortunately everything worked out OK and Parker is on the mend, but is was not something that we want to go through again.

So what kind of toys am I talking about? They are the cute ones that we all love. They are shaped like hedgehogs, ducks, squirrels, basketballs – you name it! As long as they are in one piece they are fine, but like most Labradors we like to suck on them, chew on the seams, and even play an occasional game of “tug of war”. Then poof! Stuffing to chew on and squeakers to swallow. Basically this is a “no good can come from this” situation.

So don’t let your family get caught up in how cute you look with one of these toys. They can be as dangerous as poison to any dog, especially retrievers who love to have things in their mouths!

Squeakers are dangerous!

Squeakers are dangerous!

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