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| March 8, 2011 | 2 Comments
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Prada Mama Day 53

Prada Mama Day 53

Our little girl Prada – GCH Ghoststone The Devil Wears Prada is due to have a litter of puppies on or around March 12th. We have started preparations for their arrival by going through our usual checklist of items to prepare. The whelping box got set up today along laying down pee pads (for absorption), layers of newspaper and some nice bedding to top it off. Unfortunately Prada will inevitably tear most of this up once she starts her nesting process (which usually starts a couple of days before the big event) but we always want to start things looking very inviting so she is more likely to want to go in there to nest.

Prada is taking her pregnancy in stride and she has been very playful during the process. Today she seems to be slowing down a bit and it looks like the puppies are starting to shift around a bit. Prada’s temperature is still above 100 degress and we are awaiting a drop to around 98 which will let us know that she is going to deliver her puppies withing 24 hours or so.

While this time is exciting we are also anxious hoping to a nice healthy litter of puppies. Prada is resting peacefully right now….

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  1. Lou says:

    Are you going to have a puppy cam? How do you get to that site?


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