The Winning Edge

| January 16, 2012 | 0 Comments
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The Golden Retriever giving its all in the Sporting Group at the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championships -

CH Eagleridge’s Return From Bombay giving it his all in the Sporting Group at the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championships

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George Alston -

George Alston

George Alston was a professional handler for decades and now is a writer, teacher, and lecturer. He holds as many as three clinics a month teaching amateur handlers how to be competitive in the conformation ring. A schedule of his seminars and more can be found on his website. They sell out quickly so register early.
His book The Winning Edge: Show Ring Secrets is available for purchase through Amazon.

Who wouldn’t want to read a book that has the work “Secret” in the title? So, like everyone else seeking a “Winning Edge”, I started to read the book to discover how to be successful in the ring. This book is not for everyone – the introduction specifically states that it is written “for the amateur exhibitor who already knows the basics of showing a dog.” It is not an “how to” book but it brings to light certain aspects of showing dogs that most spectators don’t think about, like gaiting, baiting, and tons of preparation before you enter the ring. These tips are suggestions on how to get to the next level – some seem quite obvious (for example, grooming) but others are not so obvious (like the position of the lead on the dog and your mental attitude).

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Having been to my fair share of dog shows, I never quite thought of them as a “sport” but, as this book points out, “dog showing is a sport”. If you think of them in this light, then why wouldn’t you prepare for the “show” just like any other sport – practice your skills, look your best, research your competition, know the referees’ (judge’s) tendencies, etc. How would you expect to win consistently without good preparation and practice?

It’s a quick and easy read with some good reminders and tips. What stood out to me was that not all dogs are the same so should not be treated or handled the same way, not all judges are the same so they should not be thought of the same way, and don’t give up as there are lots of different ways to get a dog to show well and be competitive.

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